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Additional Insurance Policies

Protection with Precision

Catherine Burns Insurance, located in Montoursville, PA, is where individuals and families across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and South Carolina are given dozens of coverage options that are tailored around their present and future needs. Our family-owned and operated agency is built on doing what we can for each client, not getting the most money. We’re here to help you receive the best coverage, so you can get the most out of life.


At Catherine Burns Insurance, we offer Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Part D plans. We will guide you in making the right choice that not only fits your budget, but fits your life!



From a runny nose to a severe illness or injury, medical treatment can be expensive. Prevent paying enormous amounts of money with the right health insurance plan. Since we work with so many insurance providers, we can customize a plan around you so each day is filled with healthy reassurance.

The owner of our agency, Catherine Burns, actually built the business to fill a gap for a lack of understanding of Medicare. Since the beginning, she has helped many customers embrace Medicare and the protection it provides to one’s well being.

Ask to learn about dental and vision care for senior citizens.



Creating and managing your own business can be risky. With the help of business insurance, your company’s financial assets and intellectual and physical property will be covered from potential lawsuits, theft, vandalism, loss, injuries and illness. Needless to say, we have the coverage options so you can feel confident in your investment.

Life Insurance

There is nothing more valuable than your family. Protect it the best you can with the help of Catherine Burns Insurance in Montoursville, PA. When looking for a life insurance policy, you want one that ensures a lifelong protection, while fitting the mold of your current lifestyle, budget, and other needs. That’s why we take the time to get to know you first, so we can provide you with the best options that will last a lifetime.

Types of Life Insurance

Typically, there are two types of life insurance policies: term and permanent. Our team will explore each of these with you, so you wholly understand what you’ll get out of your policy.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance only pays if a death occurs within the time limitations of the policy, which is usually within 30 years.

Level Term – When the death benefit remains the same throughout the duration of the policy.

Decreasing Term – The death benefit will decrease once a year until the policy’s term ends.

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance, commonly known as “whole life insurance,” pays the death benefit whenever you pass, even if you live longer than 100 years. In the traditional permanent life insurance policy, the death benefit and premium remain the same throughout the duration of the policy. The cost of premium increases with age, but since it will become difficult to pay such a high cost at later in life, the premium and policy are set at a higher, steady rate upfront then supplement the rest later on.  

Prepaid Burial

You should be able to make all of the decisions when it comes to commemorating your life. A prepaid burial plan lets you do just that. We will coordinate with your desired funeral home to create a payment plan so when it comes time, all of your wishes we will be fulfilled.

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